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Java examples for java.util:Day


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  1. snap End Of Day
  2. snap End Of Work Day
  3. snap Forward Num Days
  4. snap Next Day
  5. snap Start Of Day
  6. snap To Next Day
  7. is Calendar Today
  8. get Age Days from Java LocalDate

  9. get Some Day Date
  10. Convert to a date from a UTC string with either day or second granularity.
  11. Convert to a UTC date string containing only the day (granularity is "day").
  12. get Age from Birthday
  13. get Date Before Yesterday
  14. difference In Days between two Calendar
  15. get Days Between Dates
  16. get the end of the day having been given a date

  17. get the beginning of the day having been given a date
  18. Adds days to the given Date object and returns it.
  19. Computes the Age from the birthday till the compute Date object.
  20. Computes the eastern sunday for the given year.
  21. Computes the number from eastern sunday for the given year.
  22. Subtract days to the given Date object and returns it.
  23. Set the time component of the calendar to midday.
  24. Return a date, set to midnight of the current local day.
  25. get Tomorrow
  26. get Yesterday
  27. Gets the end of the day based on the given Calendar .
  28. Gets the start of the day based on the given Calendar .
  29. get Day
  30. get Now Day
  31. is Today
  32. get Today Calendar
  33. get Begin Of Day
  34. get Day After Date
  35. get Today Midnight
  36. new Date For Day
  37. get Next Day
  38. day Floor
  39. get Interval Days
  40. add Days
  41. get Next Day From Number
  42. if two date is the same day
  43. get Day Index
  44. This method returns new date by adding (subtracting) days to the original date.
  45. This method calculates how many days are between two dates.
  46. Returns a new GregorianCalendar instance that is the specified value plus the specified number of days added.
  47. is Same Day
  48. Whether the two date are on the same day
  49. Add an offset to a particular day
  50. number Of Days Between Calendar
  51. find Nearest Previous Monday
  52. The day part of the Calendar date.
  53. new Calendar For Day
  54. is Calendar Same Day
  55. get Gregorian Day
  56. calculate Monday Date
  57. days Between two date
  58. days Since
  59. days Until
  60. Get date of last number of day
  61. days Between
  62. day Range
  63. iterator Day
  64. get Monday Date
  65. get Sunday Date
  66. This method adds days to Calendar
  67. get Day Difference Between Time
  68. Calculate the number of days between start and end.