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  1. get Random element from a List
  2. An easy way to construct an array list from Elements.
  3. take n elements from a List and return a List
  4. take Right element from a List and return a List
  5. Copies all of the elements from one list into another.
  6. Consume each element in List
  7. map each element in a List
  8. add Element Into a List in Order

  9. populate Double List with random double value
  10. populate String List with random value
  11. Get unique elements from List
  12. Scramble order of elements in a list.
  13. get Next element in a List after specified element
  14. Create a new empty list with elements of type A.
  15. move element in a list from one index to another index
  16. exchange element in a List by index

  17. Gets an element from a list based on the index.
  18. Remove repeat elements in origin List by target List.
  19. Ensures that all elements of the given list can be cast to a desired type.
  20. Move an object in List down
  21. Move an object in List up
  22. Copies count items off of list, starting from the beginning.
  23. shift List element
  24. Returns a semicolumn separated list of keys and values in the dictionary.
  25. Builds an unmodifiable List from the passed elements
  26. Returns the keys from the map as a list.
  27. get Nth Element in List
  28. Find out whether all the elements in a List are equal.
  29. get the lowest value from a List.
  30. In the given list, sets the element at the given index.
  31. Gets the element in the given list with the given index, or null if the list is null or if the index is outside the range or if the value at the given index is null.
  32. as Read Only List via AbstractList
  33. All (abs vals) above threshold in List?
  34. Return the count of elements at or above the threshold (abs val) in a List