Java java.util List Operation

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  1. union Of List Of Lists
  2. Merge list to a single List
  3. Clone Vector, Returns an enumeration of the vector list that is not changed by parallel changes to the vector.
  4. rotates the item in list
  5. minus one List from another List
  6. union list of list and return a list
  7. devide list by size
  8. Split a List to List of List

  9. filter a List from a String Array
  10. make String List from String Array
  11. devide List by size and return list of list
  12. reverse a List and return Iterable
  13. compare two Lists
  14. Compare two lists for Equal
  15. union Two List
  16. Computes the list of items in A that aren't in B.

  17. is List Monotonous
  18. reverse List of Integers
  19. get List Size
  20. is List Empty
  21. Add a varargs list of items to the specified list.
  22. Write code to Add a varargs list of items into a set.
  23. Flattens the provided list into a single list.
  24. Clone a list.
  25. cast List to List<T>
  26. Add all the entries in the List as keys in the specified map.
  27. Get all the entries in the Map object out and place into the List passed in, just add at the bottom.
  28. merge Varargs of list
  29. make Item the First in a List
  30. make List from varargs
  31. Returns of linked list of the objects given in the vararg.
  32. Return the head of list as or none.
  33. unmodifiable List
  34. This method returns the Iterator of the list object being passed
  35. A method to check whether the list is empty or not.
  36. Create List by Class Type
  37. shift Item in List
  38. Returns an unmodifiable view of the specified list.
  39. print List of Map to console
  40. Provides the first item from a list, unless the list is null or empty, in which case null is returned.
  41. Turns a list of vararg parameters into a set.
  42. Takes up to n items from the head of a list, and returns them in another list.
  43. Checks if a given index is valid for a given list.
  44. transform a list by function
  45. remove Duplicates from List
  46. List equals Regardless Of Order
  47. Fills a List with null by calling #fillList(List,int,Object) with a null object.
  48. Returns a truncated version of the specified List.
  49. change Item in a List
  50. move Item to new index in a List
  51. Return if average of numbers above threshold in List