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  1. convert Posted Time as year/day/hour/minute ago
  2. add Minutes To Date
  3. minus Minutes To Date
  4. Adds minutes to the given Date object and returns it.
  5. round java.util.Date To Minutes
  6. get Minutes Duration
  7. minute Floor
  8. get Minutes Between Two Dates

  9. get Minutes Since Midnight
  10. set Next Round Minute
  11. to Minute String
  12. set Hours Minutes And Seconds
  13. return a String from a timestamp in milliseconds format is (YEAR/MONTH/DAY,HOUR:MINUTE:SECONDS.MILLISECONDS)
  14. return a String for now format is (YEAR/MONTH/DAY,HOUR:MINUTE:SECONDS.MILLISECONDS)
  15. Adds the specified (signed) amount of minutes to the given time field, based on the calendar's rules.
  16. Sets the time fields (24-hour, minute, second, millisecond) of the specified GregorianCalendar instance to 0 so it subsequently represents midnight of the same day as before.

  17. Add the given amount of minutes to the given calendar.
  18. Retrieve the amount of elapsed minutes between the two given calendars.
  19. Checks whether the given hour, minute and second combination is a valid time or not.
  20. Returns true if the two given calendars are dated on the same year, month, day, hour and minute.
  21. Returns true if the two given calendars are dated on the same year, month, day, hour, minute and second.
  22. Gets hour and minute out of the calendar and converts it into a String.
  23. get Minutes Between Dates
  24. Decodes the minutes into plain language.
  25. Determines which quarter of the hour the supplied minute is closest to.
  26. Method to convert seconds to hours, minutes, seconds.
  27. minutes Between
  28. Returns a formatted string with the duration in hours and minutes Example: "8 hours, 40 minutes"
  29. get Minute Difference Between Time