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  1. Convenient call to load a properties file from the provided file
  2. Convert properties As Map
  3. convert Properties to Map<String,String>
  4. read file to Properties
  5. Converts a Properties object into a Map.
  6. load Properties File
  7. Load property from properties file
  8. is Windows from system properties

  9. load Properties
  10. Find the specified property for the given class.
  11. get Properties File From Project
  12. is Windows via System.getProperty
  13. load Properties from resource
  14. Properties file Read
  15. get Application Properties
  16. Multi protocol resource loader.

  17. Loads a file from the resource directory.
  18. get Property Value from Property file
  19. get Properties File
  20. Loads all properties from classpath.
  21. load Properties from class path
  22. get System Property
  23. Gets system properties in privileged mode.
  24. Gets system property in privileged mode.
  25. Extract a property value by name from the given properties object.
  26. Get a property value as a boolean.
  27. Get a property value as an Integer.
  28. Get a property value as an int.
  29. Get a property value as a string.
  30. Get properties from an input stream.
  31. Load a Properties object from inputstream.
  32. load Properties From File
  33. get Properties
  34. set Properties
  35. sub Tree from Properties
  36. get Properties By Class Loader
  37. get Properties By Input Stream
  38. Reads a property value identified by key from the given property File.
  39. Saves the property identified by key with the given value to the defined property File.
  40. get Properties Map
  41. copy Properties
  42. Properties from Map
  43. Converts command-line switches of the form --key1=value1 --key2=value2 into a Properties object.
  44. get Preference
  45. get Boolean from Properties
  46. get Color from Properties
  47. get String from Properties
  48. get Rectangle from Properties