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Java examples for java.util:Week


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  1. Get Next Week Day
  2. Get Week Day
  3. snap End Of Next Week
  4. snap End Of Week
  5. snap Next Work Week
  6. snap Start Of Work Week
  7. get Last Day Of Week
  8. get End Of Current Week

  9. get Start Of Current Week
  10. get Start Of Next Week
  11. is After Current Week
  12. is Next Week
  13. is This Week
  14. Adds weeks to the given Date object and returns it.
  15. Subtract weeks to the given Date object and returns it.
  16. week Floor

  17. get Days Of Week Array
  18. get Days Of Week Count
  19. get Days Of Week
  20. get Weekday
  21. Adjusts the calendar to the end of the current week.
  22. Returns a boolean indicating if the given calendar represents the end of a week (in the calendar's time zone).
  23. Adjusts the calendar to the start of the current week.
  24. Gets the first day of the week based on the given Calendar .
  25. Gets the last day of the week based on the given Calendar .
  26. Given the date from the specified GregorianCalendar instance, returns the date of monday in the same week.
  27. returns true if there are missing weeks between first and second points Note: The first point is before the second point
  28. calculate Minimal Days In First Week
  29. returns number of weeks from date of startPoint till date of endPoint 1.
  30. decrement One Week
  31. get Time For First Day Of Week
  32. get Week
  33. increment One Week
  34. set Time As First Day Of Week
  35. get Current Weekday
  36. get Week Of Date
  37. get Week Of First Day
  38. due In One Week
  39. get First Day Of Week
  40. get Day Of Week from int
  41. get Short Day Of Week from int
  42. is Weekend
  43. Get an array of weekday names for a given locale.
  44. get Current Weekends
  45. get Week End
  46. get Week Start
  47. get date of Last Week
  48. get date of This Week
  49. get Week Count
  50. get Week Date Range
  51. get Week End Date
  52. get Week Start Date
  53. end Day Of Week
  54. first Day Of Week