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Control Description
Label A non-editable text control that is typically used to display the label for another control.
Button Represents a command button control. It can display text and an icon.
Hyperlink Represents a hyperlink control, which looks like a hyperlink in a webpage.
MenuButton Looks like a button and behaves like a menu.
ToggleButtonRepresents a two-state button control.
RadioButton Represents a radio button.
CheckBoxRepresents a three-state selection control.
ChoiceBox Allows users select an item from a small list of predefined items.
ComboBoxAn advanced version of the ChoiceBox control.
ListViewList of items
ColorPicker a standard color palette.
DatePicker a calendar pop-up.
TextField Represents a single-line text input control.
PasswordField Represents a single-line text input control to enter passwords
TextAreaRepresents a multi-line text input control.
ProgressIndicator Used to display the progress of a task in a circular area.
ProgressBar Used to display the progress of a task in a rectangular area.
TitledPane Used to display contents with a title bar
Accordion Used as a container for a group of TitledPane controls in which only one TitledPane is visible at a time.
Pagination Used to display a large single content by dividing it into smaller chunks called pages
Tooltip a tooltip
ScrollBar Used to add scrolling capability to a control.
ScrollPane Provides a scrollable view of a node.
Separator A horizontal or vertical line used to separate two groups of controls.
Slider Used to select a numeric value from a numeric range graphically by sliding a thumb along a track.
MenuBar A horizontal bar that acts as a container for menus.
MenuContains a list of actionable items
MenuItemRepresents an actionable option in a menu.
ContextMenu A pop-up menu
ToolBar Used to display a group of nodes, which provide the commonly used action items on a screen.
TabPane Displays multiple tab pages represented by instances of the Tab class.
Tab Represents a tab page in a TabPane.
HTMLEditor Provides rich text editing capability in JavaFX.
FileChooser Allows you to select files from the file system graphically.
DirectoryChooserAllows you to select directories using a platform-dependent directory dialog
TableView Table control
TreeViewTree control
TreeTableView A combination of TableView and TreeView controls.
WebView Displays a web page.

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