Java javax.sound.sampled Audio

Java examples for javax.sound.sampled:Audio


Click the following links for the tutorial for javax.sound.sampled and Audio.

  1. convert To Audio Mono
  2. load Audio Clip
  3. load Audio Resource
  4. get Audio File Bytes
  5. join Audio Files
  6. save Audio Bytes To File
  7. split Audio Bytes
  8. get Audio file Metadata

  9. Converts (re samples and mono to/from stereo) audio data.
  10. Re samples audio data using simple methods.
  11. Calculate frames based on AudioFormat
  12. get Audio Format
  13. get Current Preferred Audio Format
  14. loop Audio Format
  15. play Audio by Format
  16. read by audio format

  17. record audio
  18. play Audio Clip
  19. find Audio Control
  20. get Available Lines from Audio Mixer
  21. get Available Audio Mixer Output Lines
  22. get Audio Mixer Line If Available
  23. get Audio Mixer Master Output Line
  24. get Audio Mixer Master Output Volume
  25. get Audio Mixers
  26. get Audio Volume Control
  27. open Audio Sound Line
  28. set Audio Master Output Volume
  29. is Audio File
  30. Converts bytes to doubles (from -1.0 to 1.0) according to audio format
  31. bytes To Short by Audio format
  32. bytes To Integers by Audio Format
  33. bytes To Shorts by Audio Format
  34. Converts doubles (from -1.0 to 1.0) to bytes according to audio format
  35. Converts floats (from -1.0 to 1.0) to bytes according to audio format
  36. get Compatible Audio Mixers
  37. get Audio Mixer Info
  38. get PCM Signed Audio InputStream From Audio InputStream
  39. retrieves a compatible AudioInputStream from a given AudioInputStream.
  40. retrieves a AudioInputStream from a given Inputstream.
  41. get Available Audio Input Lines
  42. get Audio Mixer Hierarchy Info
  43. get Audio Master Output Mute
  44. get Audio Master Output Volume
  45. get Audio Mute Control
  46. set Audio Master Output Mute
  47. get Audio Clip from URL
  48. read Music Audio File and return Clip
  49. Loads a Audio clip from the resource directory.
  50. Plays a tone having the given frequency, amplitude, and duration.