Java JNDI Context

Java examples for JNDI:Context


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  1. Show contexts that originally shared the same connection using different connection.
  2. Create an initial context to an LDAP server using anonymous authentication (i.e. none)
  3. Register a listener for Unsolicited Notifications
  4. Discover a server's supported SASL mechanisms
  5. Show contexts that share the same connection
  6. Connection pooling enable
  7. Create InitialDirContext
  8. Bind a Serializable object to a directory

  9. Bind a Serializable object to a directory with a codebase
  10. Demonstrates how to add a binding to a context.
  11. Create a new subcontext called "ou=NewOu" with some attributes
  12. Destroy a subcontext called "ou=NewOu"
  13. Retrieve all attributes of a named object
  14. Retrieve selected attributes of a named object
  15. List the name and class of objects in a context
  16. List the bindings in a context

  17. Demonstrates how to look up an object.
  18. Demonstrates how to make modifications to an object's attributes.
  19. Overwrite an existing binding in LADP
  20. Create the schema for storing CORBA object references according to RFC 2714
  21. Create a schema for storing Java objects according to RFC 2713
  22. Parse URL to get Protocol, Authority, Host, Port, Path, Query, File, Reference
  23. Creating a Directory Entry in JNDI
  24. Authenticating to the Directory
  25. Adding a Binding with Attributes to the Directory
  26. Creating an Initial Context to a Directory
  27. Creating and Destroying a Subcontext in the Naming Service
  28. get Entity Service
  29. get Database Connection from Context
  30. get Connection via JNDI and Properties
  31. get Initial Context
  32. create JNDI Context