Java Language Basics Array

Java examples for Language Basics:Array


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  1. Arrays and index out of bounds exception
  2. Printing the references of various typed arrays
  3. Assign an array reference to another array: Sharing common elements
  4. Array argument in functions: Minimum element of an array
  5. Calculating the inner product of two vectors given as arrays
  6. Creating multidimensional arrays and retrieving their dimensions
  7. Array of strings in main
  8. Create Ragged Array

  9. Sequential search: Exhaustive search on arrays
  10. Binary search: Fast dichotomic search on sorted arrays
  11. Default Initialization of Array Elements
  12. Copying an Array Using a for Loop and the System.arraycopy() Method
  13. An Example of a Ragged Array
  14. Accessing Elements of a Multi-dimensional Array
  15. Array Bounds Checks
  16. Knowing the Class of an Array

  17. Working with Fixed-Sized Arrays
  18. Initializing the elements of an array to default values of zero.
  19. Initializing the elements of an array with an array initializer.
  20. Calculating values to be placed into elements of an array.
  21. Computing the sum of the elements of an array.
  22. Bar chart printing program.
  23. Die-rolling program using arrays
  24. Calculate frequency
  25. Initializing two-dimensional arrays.
  26. Initializing an array
  27. Copy array intArray into array intArrayCopy
  28. What is the output?
  29. Sort double Array into ascending order
  30. Create array and assign to another array
  31. Multidimensional Arrays
  32. Get Null point exception for not initialized array element
  33. Copy char array to another char array
  34. Create int array and assign values
  35. Create two dimensional array
  36. Two-dimensional array and nested for loop
  37. Create and Declare array of String
  38. Copy Array with System.arraycopy() method
  39. Declare, allocate and assign value to array
  40. Multiple Dimensional Array Creation
  41. How to reverse an array
  42. Calculate Average value of Array elements
  43. Find Largest and Smallest Number in an Array
  44. Filling Elements in an Array
  45. Comparing Arrays
  46. Shifting Elements in an Array
  47. Creating an Array
  48. Converting an Array to a Collection
  49. Converting arrays to strings
  50. Searching an array element one by one
  51. Sorting an array with Arrays.sort method
  52. Filling an array with Arrays.fill method
  53. Create and use three-dimensional array
  54. Using jagged arrays
  55. Initializing a two-dimensional array
  56. Create methods that accept arrays as parameters and return arrays as return values.
  57. Shorthand way to create an array and initialize it with constant values:
  58. Initializing an Array by assigning them one by one: