Java Language Basics Console

Java examples for Language Basics:Console


Click the following links for the tutorial for Language Basics and Console.

  1. Accepting Input from the Keyboard
  2. Get maximum with three double parameters.
  3. Receive console input in any of your Java applications
  4. Read password from Console
  5. Print out value to console window
  6. Read int value from console with
  7. Print three lines of message to console
  8. Sum integer value read from argument

  9. Tests whether the passed-in strings are anagrams containing the exact same number of each letter.
  10. Read line of characters from console using InputStream
  11. Read character from console using InputStream
  12. Reading Text from Standard Input
  13. Redirecting Standard Output, and Error
  14. Getting Input with the Scanner Class
  15. Using System.out and System.err
  16. Letting the user decide when to quit

  17. Display an error message when the user enters incorrect input
  18. read Int and String from Console
  19. read Line from Console
  20. Read in Char from console
  21. Read in Double from Console
  22. Read in String from Console
  23. read Int Value from Console
  24. read String Line from Console
  25. read String Value from Console
  26. input Int from Console using Scanner
  27. input String from Console with Scanner
  28. This method creates small status bars in ASCII art for printing in the console or in log files.
  29. A static method which peeks into the class and manually turns on or off echoing in the given console.
  30. wait For Console Input
  31. get Console Input
  32. ask Yes Or No from Console
  33. get Password from Console
  34. Press ENTER key to continue
  35. get Cmd Progress Bar
  36. Converts a Unix-style glob to a regular expression.
  37. get Motherboard SN via VBS
  38. Reads a double from console
  39. Reads a float from console
  40. Read an integer from console
  41. Reads a long from console
  42. Reads a short from console
  43. Read password from console without echoing characters.