Java Language Basics String

Java examples for Language Basics:String


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  1. Lower-case to upper-case string conversion
  2. Knowing the Length of a String
  3. Comparing Strings with equals and compareTo methods
  4. Testing a String for a Palindrome
  5. Language-Sensitive String Comparisons
  6. Use string representations of the values of primitive data types in string concatenation
  7. Converting to and from a String
  8. Obtaining a Subsection of a String

  9. Comparing Strings with buildin methods
  10. Trimming Whitespace
  11. Changing the Case of a String
  12. Concatenating Strings
  13. Converting Strings to Numeric Values
  14. Iterating Over the Characters of a String
  15. Finding Text Matches with regular expressions and the String matches() helper method to determine how many matches exist.
  16. Match String with upper or lower case

  17. Match String value for one or the other
  18. Match any digits or numbers are present, in this case the
  19. TRUE for any language that contains only one word for a name. (tests for any alphanumeric combination. )
  20. Use the regular expression Pattern and Matcher classes.
  21. Replacing All Text Matches
  22. Determining Whether a File Suffix Matches a Given String
  23. Making a String That Can Contain Dynamic Information
  24. String replace by unicode
  25. String split by space using regular expression
  26. String class constructors.
  27. Demonstrates the length, charAt and getChars methods of the String class.
  28. String methods equals, equalsIgnoreCase, compareTo and regionMatches.
  29. String methods startsWith and endsWith.
  30. String searching methods indexOf and lastIndexOf.
  31. String class substring methods.
  32. String method concat.
  33. String methods replace, toLowerCase, toUpperCase, trim and toCharArray.
  34. String valueOf methods.
  35. Format with String.format method
  36. Exercise String method
  37. Formatting Strings with System.out.format () method.
  38. Quiz for substring operation
  39. Create CharSequence implementation for reversed String
  40. Sort characters inside a String
  41. Match string region
  42. Concate two String values
  43. implement CharSequence to create string like class
  44. Convert String to Lower Case
  45. Get Sub string from whole string
  46. Java String endsWith
  47. Java String Concat
  48. Convert String to int
  49. Java String Compare
  50. Convert String to long
  51. Get String Length
  52. Java String Replace
  53. String Contains
  54. Java String Split
  55. String Reverse
  56. String toUpperCase
  57. Convert String to byte Array
  58. Java Sort String Array
  59. Convert String to short primitive
  60. Convert String to Character Array
  61. How Java String object is created and used.
  62. Search String using indexOf
  63. How to remove leading and trailing space from string
  64. How to check whether the given string is empty
  65. Convert String to String Array with split method
  66. Check if a particular string is starting with a specified word
  67. How to convert String array to Java String object.
  68. Removing Duplicate Whitespace in a String
  69. Breaking a String into Words
  70. Combining strings with + sign
  71. Declaring and initializing strings
  72. Replacing parts of a string
  73. Splitting up a string
  74. Uses substrings to replace all the vowels in a string entered by the user with asterisks:
  75. Extracting substrings from a string
  76. Extracting characters from a string
  77. Trim method removes white space characters (spaces, tabs, newlines ... ) from the start and end of a word.
  78. ToLowerCase converts a string to all lowercase letters:
  79. Finding the length of a string