Java Native OS Clipboard

Java examples for Native OS:Clipboard


Click the following links for the tutorial for Native OS and Clipboard.

  1. Getting and Setting an Image on the System Clipboard
  2. Getting and Setting Text on the System Clipboard
  3. Determining When an Item Is No Longer on the System Clipboard
  4. Retrieving Text from the System Clipboard
  5. retrieving a string from the system clipboard and for putting a string in the system clipboard
  6. Checks whether the specified "flavor" can be obtained from the clipboard.
  7. Checks whether a string can be obtained from the clipboard.
  8. Checks whether a string can be obtained from the clipboard.

  9. Copies the given transferable to the system's clipboard.
  10. Obtains an object from the clipboard.
  11. Obtains a BufferedImage from the clipboard.
  12. Obtains a string from the clipboard.
  13. get Image From Clipboard
  14. image To Clipboard
  15. get Buffer text from Clipboard
  16. copy To Clipboard

  17. paste From Clipboard
  18. copy a string into the Clipboard created
  19. copy a Trasferable Object which is in turn used by the copyString method to copy the string into the Clip Board.
  20. get the Clip Board contents, it initializes the ClipBoard object.
  21. Method to paste an Object from the Clip Board.
  22. Method to paste a String from the Clip Board.
  23. paste From Clipboard
  24. put To Clipboard
  25. Copies string to system clipboard.
  26. Reads a string from system clipboard.
  27. get Clipboard
  28. get Image From Clipboard
  29. set Text To Clipboard
  30. get String Clipboard
  31. get Image Clipboard
  32. get String Content from Clipboard
  33. get Image from Clipboard
  34. Returns the string contents of the JNLP clipboard, or from the system clipboard if we are not running under Java Web Start.
  35. get Image From Clipboard
  36. set Clipboard Image
  37. Copies a Transferable object to the system clipboard