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  1. Demonstrating the Use of the InetAddress Class
  2. Representing a Socket Address
  3. Getting the Hostname of an IP Address
  4. Getting the IP Address and Hostname of the Local Machine
  5. Getting the IP Address of a Hostname
  6. Host IP Lookup Application
  7. Converts the given bytes of an IP to a string representation.
  8. Get IP address from NetworkInterface

  9. get IP Address using InetAddress
  10. get Local IP Addresses
  11. Compute network address from IP and mask
  12. Checks if a subnet contains a specific IP address.
  13. Convert ip to an integer
  14. Convert an IP address stored in an int to its string representation.
  15. Retrieves the first non-loopback IP address, (i.e., filters out addresses) for machine your are running on.
  16. Convert an integer into an IPv4 INET address.

  17. Convert an IPv4 INET address to an integer.
  18. Returns InetAddress for passed host IF its in IPV4 quads format (e.g.
  19. get Local Host IP
  20. Returns an InetAddress object encapsulating what is most likely the machine's LAN IP address.
  21. Get a mapping of all assigned IP-addresses to their according broadcast addresses
  22. Get the IP version 4 address of the local device
  23. Get the network mac address associated with a particular IP address
  24. is IPv6 Hex Compressed Address
  25. reverse Map IP Address
  26. reverse IP Subnet Mask Domain
  27. IP subnet Address
  28. Constructs an InetAddress object for the IP address specified in the network-byte-order array.
  29. Returns the IP address string "%d.%d.%d.%d" for the given IPv4 address.
  30. Given an ip in numeric format, return a byte array that can be fed to InetAddress.
  31. Given an ip in a numeric, string format, return the InetAddress.
  32. Checks whether the parameter is a valid IPv6 address (including compressed).
  33. Checks whether the parameter is a valid compressed IPv6 address
  34. Get broadcast IP addresses.
  35. Returns a string representation of the specified socket address in the form : <IP ADDRESS>:<PORT>
  36. Creates an InetSocketAddress given a host and optional port in a single String This allows either IP4 or IP6 addresses (including port) to be provided as Strings as per rfc2732
  37. IP address (InetSocketAddress) To String
  38. Tests whether the ip Address is within the address space defined by the ip Address With Net mask.
  39. get Current IP Address via web service
  40. Generate a random ipv4 address in the range.
  41. get Current Host Ip Address
  42. is IPv4 or IPv6 Literal Address
  43. Compare two IP address byte array, the length must be 4 or 16.
  44. parse the IP address string as a byte array If the IP address is IPv4 address, the byte array length is 4 If the IP address is IPv6 address, the byte array length is 16 If the host is not an IP address string, will return null;
  45. convert From IPv4 Mapped IPv6 Address
  46. is IPv4 Literal Address
  47. Utility routine to check if the InetAddress is an IPv4 mapped IPv6 address.
  48. is IPv6 Literal Address
  49. text To Numeric Format IPv4
  50. text To Numeric Format IPv6
  51. Test to see if the given address string represents a literal IPv4 address.
  52. get Cider Base IP
  53. get List Of IP Address
  54. get List Of Numeric IP Address
  55. get IP Subnet Mask
  56. get IP Subnet Mask Numeric
  57. ip To Number
  58. number To IP
  59. Get Net Ip address
  60. convert int ip value to dotted ip address format
  61. A convenient method that accepts an IP address represented as a long and returns an byte array of size 4 representing the same IP address.
  62. check Ip Mask
  63. get IP from SocketAddress
  64. get Ip Address from Inet4Address
  65. Check netmask, e.g.
  66. Get a loopback NIF.
  67. Find the IP address of localhost.
  68. Find the hostname of localhost.
  69. get Local IPs