Java Network URL

Java examples for Network:URL


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  1. A Sample Class That Demonstrates the Use of the Class
  2. Accessing the Contents of a URL
  3. A URL Reader/Writer Class That Writes/Reads Data to/from a URL
  4. Generating and Reading from URLs
  5. Parsing a URL using the built-in URL class methods.
  6. Load Web Page Content Header And Fill the text field
  7. Web Page Read Quiz
  8. Call to a Servlet and output result

  9. Read content string from a URL
  10. Read from URL Connection
  11. Read from URL
  12. Using a URL as a Name to the Initial Context
  13. Parsing a URL
  14. Making the Browser Visit a URL
  15. Getting an Image from a URL
  16. Converting Between a URL and a URI

  17. Getting Text from a URL
  18. Accessing a Password-Protected URL
  19. Sending a POST Request Using a URL
  20. Reading an Image from a File, InputStream, or URL
  21. Creating a URL
  22. Converting Between a Filename Path and a URL
  23. Converting x-www-form-urlencoded Data
  24. url Decode with URLDecoder
  25. url Encode with URLEncoder
  26. get Result from url
  27. Get Twitter username from twitter url
  28. load File from URL and return InputStream
  29. Get the Google+ ID from a url
  30. Extract a map from a URL query string.
  31. Decode given URL Query String to map.
  32. Whole HTTP response as String from given URLConnection
  33. read URL File
  34. Returns the file extension from the file part of the URL.
  35. download File from URL
  36. get Host Name
  37. Given a java.util.Map of params, construct a query string
  38. url Decode
  39. execute URL Post
  40. post JSON to URL
  41. is Local URI
  42. Make a relative copy of a URI.
  43. Creates a new URI from a string.
  44. Converts a string into something you can safely insert into a URL.
  45. Reads data from the data reader and posts it to a server via POST request.
  46. This method encodes the URL, removes the spaces and brackets from the URL and replaces the same with "%20" and "%5B" and "%5D" and "%7B" "%7D".
  47. This method encodes the URL, removes the spaces from the URL and replaces the same with "%20".
  48. get Url from text using regex
  49. encode URL in your own algorithm
  50. decode URL with your own algorithm
  51. Takes a normal string and turns it into something suitable for a title in a URL.
  52. get Domain From Url
  53. get Last Modified from URL