Java Reflection Class

Java examples for Reflection:Class


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  1. Class reflection to get class name, type variables, interfaces, annotation
  2. Class reflection to get class member:field, method, constructor
  3. Load class with Class.forName()
  4. Method to check if a Class is a Collection or not.
  5. Method to check if a Object is a Collection or not.
  6. Load class For Name
  7. get Jar Path from loaded class
  8. Return the qualified name of a type (those that contain a $ sign for nested classes) from TypeElement.

  9. get Class from TypeElement
  10. get Class Name from TypeElement
  11. get Super Class from TypeElement
  12. Class has Super Class
  13. Find the first Class in the inheritance hierarchy of the specified clazz
  14. Find the first Class in the inheritance hierarchy of the specified clazz (including the specified clazz itself)
  15. Scans all classes accessible from the context class loader which belong to the given package and subpackages.
  16. get Classes Iterator from Package

  17. Loads the class with the specified name
  18. Returns the given class (val) as itself or nulls if it it is equal to the default Class.
  19. Creates all class hierarchy from the given class to Object, exclusive, i.e.
  20. Determines the distance of the given object to the given class in the inheritance tree.
  21. get Class By String for Reflection
  22. Is class assignable to another class
  23. instantiate a Class by its name
  24. get Class Directory
  25. get Url Class Loader
  26. get Class From Object
  27. get Class Package
  28. get Class Super Class
  29. get Class Type Variable
  30. get Full Class Name
  31. get Inner Outer Classes
  32. get Simple Class Name
  33. Loads a class from the classloader; If not found, the classloader of the context class specified will be used.
  34. Extract top level class name cutting ".java" from the end.
  35. Gets an instance of ClassDescriptor for the specified class.
  36. instantiate a class without throwing a exception
  37. Finds an event set descriptor for the class that matches the event set name.
  38. Returns an array of event set descriptors for specified class.
  39. get Class File from ClassLoader
  40. Class for Name
  41. output Class information