Java Reflection Jar

Java examples for Reflection:Jar


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  1. is Executed From Jar
  2. Find all resources in jar files that match the given location pattern via the Ant-style PathMatcher.
  3. Resolve the given jar file URL into a Jar File object.
  4. get Gradle Classpath
  5. get Ant Junit Jar Files
  6. get Ant Jar Files
  7. get Gradle Home Lib Classpath
  8. Adds the jars in the given directory to classpath

  9. Copies the specified resource file into the current directory from the jar file.
  10. add Jar To Classpath
  11. get Manifest
  12. get Manifest Main Attribute Value
  13. has Main Attribute Value in Manifest
  14. get Manifest Attribute
  15. Retrieves the manifest information for the jar file which contains this utility class.
  16. create Manifest

  17. get Manifest from Jar file
  18. get Manifest Property
  19. scan Package Names By Jar
  20. scan Resource Names By Jar
  21. Copy file as stream for unpacking from jar.
  22. Adds one file to the given jar file.
  23. Writes all files of the given directory to the specified jar-file.
  24. Extracts the given jar-file to the specified directory.
  25. test Gen Jar
  26. test Un Jar
  27. get Jars From Path
  28. decompress Jar
  29. extract Jar Entry
  30. unjar Entry
  31. unjar
  32. Adds the given file to the specified JAR file.
  33. execute Jar file
  34. Reads the package-names from the given jar-file.
  35. Writes all given files to the specified jar-file.
  36. Return the "build Date" entry from the given JAR's manifest file.
  37. Get the full path to the first JAR in classpath that contains pattern as a substring.
  38. Return the "Version" entry from the given JAR's manifest file.
  39. get Jar Entries
  40. list Jar File Entries
  41. create Jar
  42. Retrieves a Manifest object or creates an empty Manifest object if the Manifest is not found in the given Jar file
  43. get Manifest From File
  44. Gets main class from jar manifest
  45. add JAR Entry
  46. find Jar Entry
  47. Create jar file with specified files.
  48. Add or remove specified files to existing jar file.
  49. get Directory Manifest
  50. get Jar Manifest
  51. Get an attribute value from Manifest
  52. Gets all Class files from a JarFile
  53. Gets all Class files from a JarFile that extends a specific Class
  54. Gets all Class files from a JarFile in a specified package
  55. Gets all Class files from a JarFile in a specified package and extends a specific Class
  56. add Jar To Class Path
  57. Returns the name of the jar file, or null if no "Main-Class" manifest attributes was defined.
  58. get Jar Url List From Path
  59. Retrieve the Implementation-Version string from the Jar file that contains the specified Class.