Java Reflection Java Bean

Java examples for Reflection:Java Bean


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  1. calc Getter Name Bool for reflection
  2. calc Getter Name for reflection
  3. find Getter from a class by name using reflection
  4. calc Setter Name for reflection
  5. find Setter from a class by name using reflection
  6. Gets specified field value of bean
  7. has Explicit Bean Info
  8. get a property's value from a bean object;

  9. get all the properties from a Bean Class;
  10. set a bean's property, the Class of the property must be the same as the Class of v;
  11. get Property from Java Bean by name
  12. copy Properties between Java Bean
  13. Returns the bean descriptor.
  14. get Bean Info
  15. Return the data type (class) of the given bean property
  16. Returns the value of the specified property in given bean

  17. get Java Bean Property Name from Method name
  18. Returns the type of property in given bean Class
  19. Sets the value of the specified property in given bean
  20. Sets a beans value on a property.
  21. describe Java Bean
  22. set Java Bean Property
  23. get Java Bean Property Descriptors
  24. get Java Bean Property by Name
  25. get Java Bean Property Map
  26. get Java Bean Property Descriptor
  27. get Java Bean Descriptor
  28. Determines the type of the named parameter for the passed type Java Bean.
  29. get Java Bean Info
  30. Convert Java bean to Map
  31. convert Map to Java Bean
  32. translate Java Bean to Map
  33. translate Map to Java Bean
  34. Get all fields' value from Java Bean and put them to a map.
  35. Set the fields' value for Java Bean.
  36. get Field Value Map from a Java Bean Object
  37. set Field Value for Java Bean Object
  38. change a Java Bean to a Map
  39. change a Map to a Java Bean
  40. Java Bean to Map
  41. copy Properties from Java Bean
  42. get Java Bean Property Type
  43. get Java Bean Read Method
  44. get Java Bean Write Method
  45. Gets the value of property from the bean object.
  46. Sets the value of property to the object of bean
  47. Returns the property descriptor of the given bean class and the given property.
  48. Returns the value of the given property for the given bean.
  49. Retrieve a named bean property value.
  50. Retrieve a Long bean property value.
  51. Return the named getter method on the bean or null if not found.
  52. Set any bean property
  53. Obtain the bean info for a bean class.
  54. get Bean from BeanManager
  55. Convert Java bean To Xml
  56. deep Copy Java Bean via XMLDecoder
  57. xml Decode Java Bean
  58. xml Encode Java Bean
  59. xml To Java Bean
  60. Returns the name of the bean getter in the BeanFactory class given its name.
  61. Returns the name of the property setter in the bean.
  62. Returns a bean descriptor for specified class.
  63. get Instance By Type from BeanManager
  64. get Java Bean Properties
  65. translate Bean to Map
  66. hash a Bean
  67. Print all properties for a given bean.
  68. backup Java Bean Properties
  69. restore Java Bean Properties
  70. set Java Bean Property Value
  71. set Java Bean Property Values
  72. set Bean Property
  73. Sets a property on the bean using a setter method.
  74. copy Java Bean Properties
  75. backup Java Bean Property
  76. restore Java Bean Property
  77. compare Two Java Beans
  78. invoke Get Method on java Bean
  79. invoke Set Method on Java Bean
  80. bean To Map
  81. map To Bean
  82. copy Beans To Bean
  83. copy Bean To Beans
  84. Map to Java Bean
  85. Map -> Bean
  86. Copy Java Bean To Java Bean
  87. copy(class-->class)
  88. copy(map-->class)
  89. Reports all the interesting information in an EventSetDescriptor