Java Security Key

Java examples for Security:Key


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  1. Generating a Symmetric Key
  2. Generating a Secret Key Using the Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement Algorithm
  3. Generating a Message Authentication Code (MAC) Key
  4. Listing the Aliases in a Key Store
  5. Retrieving a Key Pair from a Key Store
  6. Getting the Bytes of a Generated Symmetric Key
  7. Listing All Available Symmetric Key Generators
  8. Listing All Available Message Authentication Code (MAC) Key Generators

  9. Generating a Parameter Set for the Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement Algorithm
  10. Converting a KeyStroke to a String
  11. Creating a KeyStroke and Binding It to an Action
  12. create Key Factory by algorithm
  13. Decrypts a string using the passed key.
  14. Encrypts a string using the passed key.
  15. decrypt By Private Key
  16. decrypt By Public Key

  17. decrypt File By Public Key
  18. encrypt By Private Key
  19. encrypt By Public Key
  20. encrypt File By Private Key
  21. encrypt File To Base By Private Key
  22. get Key Store
  23. get Private Key from file
  24. get Public Key from file
  25. sign data by key
  26. sign File by key
  27. Gets an RSAPublicKey from the provided PEM encoding.
  28. get KeyStore from file and password
  29. get Private Key from key store path and password
  30. get Public Key from path
  31. According publickey algorithm to do encode for data.
  32. Get the publickey from given cert file, the certificate Path stands for cert file, should under src source folder.
  33. trust Manager For Key Store
  34. load KeyStore from File
  35. sign password by key
  36. Build secret key.
  37. Given the name of a TLS/SSL cipher suite, return an int representing it effective stream cipher key strength.
  38. Generates a random secret key.
  39. generates a key pair (private key, public key).
  40. takes bytes of PrivateKey saved in database and converts back to PrivateKey.
  41. Decrypt a byte array given the same secret key spec used to encrypt the message
  42. Encrypt a byte array given the secret key spec
  43. create PBE Key
  44. create DHParameterSpec
  45. encode ECB As Hex String
  46. encode ECB As Base String
  47. Returns whether the Diffie-Hellman public key is valid or not.
  48. Returns the key size of the given key object in bits.
  49. from PKCS8 to RSAPrivateKey
  50. load Key Store
  51. load Keystore
  52. This creates and initializes an SSLContext, using the keystore and trust store from the given streams.