Java XML DOM Element

Java examples for XML:DOM Element


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  1. Get the content of the given XML element.
  2. get Int Element from StartElement in StAX parser
  3. get Text from XML Element
  4. decode XML Element and class name
  5. encode Object to XML Element
  6. Extract the XML namespace prefix from the qualified element name passed in.
  7. Get the name of the XML element
  8. Returns the language code associated with the specified XML element.

  9. Returns the element with the specified tag name.
  10. get Element Descendant
  11. get XML Element Containers
  12. rename XML Element
  13. replace XML Element
  14. Replace the current XML root element.
  15. Get the next sibling XML element.
  16. Get the previous sibling XML element.

  17. Get namespace declarations of specified XML element.
  18. Returns the name of the XML element.
  19. Returns the text content of the XML element.
  20. get XML Element by tag name and namespace
  21. get XML Element Text
  22. Allows to edit an element in xml file
  23. get XML Element Parent
  24. Get the defining target namespace of this XML element
  25. Gets the sibling XML Element with the indicated name.
  26. Get the name from the supplied XML element.
  27. Determines whether a specific boolean flag is set on XML element.
  28. Returns a concatenation of all XML elements with the given name.
  29. get Simple Element Text that takes the name of XML element to get the text from.
  30. get First XML Element
  31. get First XML Element By Tag Name
  32. get Sub XML Element
  33. This will return the next sibling XML element (skipping Text elements along the way)
  34. any XML Elements With Name namespace
  35. Simple DOM elements finder.
  36. Returns the text content of a DOM Element.
  37. Sets the text content of a DOM Element.
  38. Finds the first (breadth first) DOM element with the specified name.
  39. Gets the given element's first ancestor DOM element with the specified name.
  40. get Element by namespace
  41. get Max Element Position in double array
  42. get Max Element in double array
  43. get Min Element in double array
  44. Revert order of vector elements.
  45. Find the specified extensibility wsdl element, if more than one with the specified name exists in the list, return the first one found.
  46. Find all of the extensibility wsdl elements with the specified name.
  47. Get the Soap Action URI from the operation's soap:operation extensibility element.
  48. get Next Sibling Element namespace
  49. save XML Content to a file
  50. set XML Text Content