Java XML DOM Node

Java examples for XML:DOM Node


Click the following links for the tutorial for XML and DOM Node.

  1. Convert Node to XML Element
  2. To output a DOM as a stream from XML Node
  3. To output a Node as a XML String.
  4. find Sub Element from XML Node
  5. set Text Content to XML Node
  6. finding the location of the current XML node of its kind.
  7. go recursively deep to find the XML node with the name
  8. Merge Text Content from XML DOM Node List

  9. set Text Content for XML Node
  10. Convert XML node To String
  11. add Overlays Node to XML Element
  12. add Properties Node to XML Element
  13. Look for XML Element node of given name.
  14. Look for XML Element node.
  15. find XML Sub Node
  16. Node to string with XML Transform

  17. Returns normalized text content for XML node.
  18. Look for XML Element node if given name.
  19. read XML and return a NodeList
  20. Given an org.w3c.dom.Node which is a XML element containing text, returns the text.
  21. is Empty XML Node
  22. Retrieves an XML element from the given start node by following the specified sequential path of elements.
  23. Prints a textual representation of the given XML node to the specified PrintStream.
  24. Prints the XML tree that is rooted at the specified node to the system default OutputStream (stdout).
  25. Prints the XML tree that is rooted at the specified node to the specified PrintStream.
  26. Create a document which is used to append XML nodes
  27. Get First XML Child With Name
  28. Get First Expression XML Child
  29. copy All XML Attributes
  30. copy a single XML attribute (if exist)
  31. Get List of Children XML Node With Name