Java examples for XML:JAXB


Click the following links for the tutorial for XML and JAXB.

  1. Unmarshalling XML to a Java Object
  2. Building an XML Document with JAXB
  3. Marshal object to File
  4. Generic to Unmarshall XML to an Object
  5. get XML Content and return Object
  6. Saves a java object to a xml file.
  7. Translates String to Object.
  8. Ensure that the given object is not null, if it is fail the test

  9. Reads from xml file and returns the according Object.
  10. Writes from Object to xml file.
  11. Convert object To XML by JAXB
  12. Convert xml String To Object using JAXB
  13. Unmarshall to Object via JAXB
  14. save/Marshall Object to file by JAXB
  15. Convert XML to Object using JAXB
  16. get XML From Object via JAXB

  17. marshal Object to XML String using JAXB
  18. marshal Object To File using JAXB
  19. Create new Context for JAXB
  20. new Marshaller for JAXB
  21. to XML from Object via JAXB
  22. stream From Object from ServletOutputStream via JAXB
  23. stream To Object for ServletInputStream via JAXB
  24. pojo To XML via JAXB
  25. XML String To Pojo via JAXB
  26. Translates object to string using JAXB
  27. Saves a java object to a xml file via JAXB
  28. Translates String to Object via JAXB
  29. Convert XML to Object via JAXB
  30. Convert Object to XML via JAXB
  31. marshal via JAXB
  32. unmarshal via JAXB
  33. unmarshal generic method via JAXB
  34. Loads the object from the XML file via JAXB
  35. Saves the object to the XML file via JAXB
  36. Loads saved java object from XML file via JAXB
  37. convert JAXB To XML
  38. Find the type adapter for the specified JAXB property.
  39. Find the xml element metadata for a specified JAXB property.
  40. JAXB marshall Helper
  41. JAXB unmarshall helper