Java XML XML Encoding

Java examples for XML:XML Encoding


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  1. Encode a String for XML output, displaying it to a PrintWriter.
  2. determine String Encoding
  3. extract Encoding from XML String
  4. Returns the IANA encoding name that is auto-detected from the bytes specified, with the endian-ness of that encoding where appropriate.
  5. XML encode a string.
  6. Write bytes into the OutputStream by given encoding.
  7. Removes a windows byte order mark if present in XML String.
  8. Wraps illegal characters(in XML) to CData.

  9. In addition to escaping certain XML characters, we need to replace a carriage return + a line feed, because when it's read back in, only the line feed is preserved.
  10. remove ISO Control Chars from String
  11. Returns true if the given character is a whitespace by the XML standard, otherwise false.
  12. is Xml Char Reference Part
  13. Determine if a String contains any XML special characters, return true if it does.
  14. A method to get the number of byte to represent the next character for a sequence utf-8 encoded string
  15. analysis the position of character is in the XML comment section
  16. Replace greek character entity names with entity names that work in HTML.

  17. charSet Implies Ascii
  18. Looks for a character in a character array, starting from a certain position
  19. Decode specials chars for XML representation
  20. Encode specials chars for XML representation
  21. Replace invalid XML chars by spaces.
  22. Converts a single char into a valid XML character Output stream must convert stream to UTF-8 when saving to disk.
  23. is Valid XML Char
  24. remove XML Invalid Chars
  25. Does the string contain XML special characters
  26. XML Encode