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  1. Clean up HTML so it doesn't break XML
  2. convert html letters (> and <) to < >
  3. A method to get a converted string in html protocol compliant
  4. Convert a string to html content, Same as the xml version except that spaces and tabs are converted.
  5. Escapes an XML string by replacing the characters shown below with their equivalent entity references as defined by the XML specification
  6. Unescapes an XML string by replacing the entity references shown below with their equivalent characters as defined by the XML specification
  7. Escapes the characters in a String using XML entities.
  8. XML reduce Escapors

  9. Filter an XML string and escape the angle brackets in unmatched tags.
  10. Escape characters that are considered to be special XML characters.
  11. replace the xml chars: & to &amp; < to &lt; > to &gt; " to &#034; ' to &#039;
  12. Escapes a XML string.
  13. escape For XML
  14. Unescape XML characters, and also replace our special token for preserving a carriage return followed by a line feed.
  15. Transforms an escaped XML into the original, "un-escaped" value (for example turn &lt;Hello&gt; into <Hello>)
  16. unescape Xml

  17. Escape XML reserved characters in attribute values.
  18. escape XML String by replace
  19. unEscape XML String by replace
  20. A method to get unicode character in decimal represent (html escape code)
  21. escapes & characters to & only
  22. escapes & < > " ' characters to & < $gt; " '
  23. Escape XML special characters for attribute values.
  24. Escape XML special characters for text content.
  25. Converts the raw characters to XML escape characters.
  26. Escape XML or HTML string.
  27. Escapes a string with the appropriated XML codes.
  28. Checks if a character value should be escaped/unescaped.
  29. Unescapes 'lt', 'gt', 'apos', 'quote' and 'amp' to the corresponding character values.
  30. Unescapes a String, replacing &#nn;, <, >, &, ", and &apos to the corresponding characters.
  31. Converts a single code point into valid XML.
  32. Converts a plain text string into valid XML string Output stream must convert stream to UTF-8 when saving to disk.
  33. Converts a stream of plain text into valid XML.