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The unicodeBidi property sets or gets whether the text should be overridden to support multiple languages in the same document.

Property Values

Value Description
normalDoes not use an additional level of embedding. Default
embed an additional level of embedding
bidi-override an additional level of embedding depending on the direction property
initial Sets this property to its default value.
inherit Inherits this property from its parent element.

Technical Details

Item Value
Default Value: normal?
Return Value: A String, representing the level of embedding with respect to the bidirectional algorithm
CSS VersionCSS2

Override text in a <p> element:

Demo Code

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<!DOCTYPE html>

<p>This is a paragraph.</p>
<p id="myP" style="direction:rtl;unicode-bidi:bidi-override;">This is another paragraph.</p>

<button type="button" onclick="myFunction()">Test</button>

function myFunction() {//  www  .  jav  a  2s  . com
    document.getElementById("myP").style.unicodeBidi = 'embed';


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