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Return the name of the month

Demo Code

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<!DOCTYPE html>

<button onclick="myFunction()">Test</button>

<p id="demo"></p>

function myFunction() {/* w w w .  jav  a2s  .  c o m*/
    var month = new Array();
    month[0] = "January";
    month[1] = "February";
    month[2] = "March";
    month[3] = "April";
    month[4] = "May";
    month[5] = "June";
    month[6] = "July";
    month[7] = "August";
    month[8] = "September";
    month[9] = "October";
    month[10] = "November";
    month[11] = "December";

    var d = new Date();
    var n = month[d.getMonth()];
    document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = n;


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