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Javascript examples for DOM HTML Element:Anchor


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  1. Create an Anchor Element
  2. Get Anchor Element
  3. Anchor username Property - Change the username part of a link:
  4. Anchor username Property
  5. Anchor type Property - Set the type attribute of a link to text/html:
  6. Anchor type Property
  7. Anchor text Property - Change the text content of a link
  8. Anchor text Property

  9. Anchor target Property - Return the value of the target attribute of a link:
  10. Anchor target Property
  11. Anchor search Property - Change the querystring part of a link:
  12. Anchor search Property
  13. Anchor rel Property - Set the value of the rel attribute to "nofollow":
  14. Anchor rel Property
  15. Anchor protocol Property - Change the protocol of a link:
  16. Anchor protocol Property

  17. Anchor port Property - Change the port number of a link:
  18. Anchor port Property
  19. Anchor pathname Property - Change the path name of a link:
  20. Anchor pathname Property
  21. Anchor password Property - Change the password part of a link:
  22. Anchor password Property
  23. Anchor origin Property
  24. Anchor hreflang Property - Change the language code of a link:
  25. Anchor hreflang Property
  26. Anchor href Property - get the URL of a link for a relative URL
  27. Anchor href Property - Get the URL of a link:
  28. Anchor href Property
  29. Anchor hostname Property - Change the hostname of a link:
  30. Anchor hostname Property
  31. Anchor host Property - change the hostname and port number of a link, use default port number 80
  32. Anchor host Property - Change the hostname and port number of a link
  33. Anchor host Property
  34. Anchor hash Property - change the hash property value
  35. Anchor hash Property
  36. Anchor download Property - Change the value of the download attribute of a link:
  37. Anchor download Property