Javascript DOM HTML Element Anchor

Javascript examples for DOM HTML Element:Anchor


Click the following links for the tutorial for DOM HTML Element and Anchor.

  1. Create an Anchor Element
  2. Get Anchor Element
  3. Anchor username Property - Change the username part of a link:
  4. Anchor username Property
  5. Anchor type Property - Set the type attribute of a link to text/html:
  6. Anchor type Property
  7. Anchor text Property - Change the text content of a link
  8. Anchor text Property

  9. Anchor target Property - Return the value of the target attribute of a link:
  10. Anchor target Property
  11. Anchor search Property - Change the querystring part of a link:
  12. Anchor search Property
  13. Anchor rel Property - Set the value of the rel attribute to "nofollow":
  14. Anchor rel Property
  15. Anchor protocol Property - Change the protocol of a link:
  16. Anchor protocol Property

  17. Anchor port Property - Change the port number of a link:
  18. Anchor port Property
  19. Anchor pathname Property - Change the path name of a link:
  20. Anchor pathname Property
  21. Anchor password Property - Change the password part of a link:
  22. Anchor password Property
  23. Anchor origin Property
  24. Anchor hreflang Property - Change the language code of a link:
  25. Anchor hreflang Property
  26. Anchor href Property - get the URL of a link for a relative URL
  27. Anchor href Property - Get the URL of a link:
  28. Anchor href Property
  29. Anchor hostname Property - Change the hostname of a link:
  30. Anchor hostname Property
  31. Anchor host Property - change the hostname and port number of a link, use default port number 80
  32. Anchor host Property - Change the hostname and port number of a link
  33. Anchor host Property
  34. Anchor hash Property - change the hash property value
  35. Anchor hash Property
  36. Anchor download Property - Change the value of the download attribute of a link:
  37. Anchor download Property
  38. Get pathname from href in anchor element in Javascript
  39. Calling href from anchor element
  40. Hide link by setting href via Javascript
  41. Set <a> href value
  42. Store domain in local storage and call it in href
  43. Get javascript generated value in href
  44. Simulate a click on <a> element
  45. Set a result of a function into <a> element HREF
  46. Change link text in HTML using JavaScript
  47. Opening a link via javascript code
  48. Hide link in html
  49. Get href of anchor <a> element in onclick event handler
  50. Event click handler on href <a> tag
  51. Stop <a> click event without holding control key
  52. Change <a> to target="_blank" in <a> click event
  53. Stop <a> element linking action by returning false in its onclick event handler
  54. Mailto link open in new tab
  55. save JavaScript variable as file by making an downloadable link
  56. wrap text nested in an anchor tag, within a span
  57. Set element download property
  58. Open links in another window by setting the <a> target attribute
  59. Trigger <a> click event
  60. show alert/console log message on hyperlink click
  61. Use <a> element onclick function to add 5 to variable
  62. Open URL in a new window in <a> click event
  63. Create download <a> link
  64. Set <a> target property
  65. Set <a> href to 'data:attachment/text,'
  66. Using setAttribute('href') to set link for <a>