Javascript DOM HTML Element Audio

Javascript examples for DOM HTML Element:Audio


Click the following links for the tutorial for DOM HTML Element and Audio.

  1. Create an Audio Element
  2. Get Audio Element
  3. Audio volume Property
  4. Audio textTracks Property
  5. Audio src Property
  6. Audio seeking Property
  7. Audio seekable Property
  8. Audio readyState Property

  9. Audio preload Property - set different property values
  10. Audio preload Property
  11. Audio played Property
  12. Audio playbackRate Property - Set the audio to play fast:
  13. Audio playbackRate Property
  14. Audio paused Property
  15. Audio networkState Property
  16. Audio muted Property - Find out if the sound is turned off:

  17. Audio muted Property
  18. Audio mediaGroup Property
  19. Audio loop Property - Find out if the audio should start playing over again every time it is finished:
  20. Audio loop Property
  21. Audio error Property
  22. Audio ended Property
  23. Audio duration Property
  24. Audio defaultPlaybackRate Property - Set the audio to play faster by default:
  25. Audio defaultPlaybackRate Property
  26. Audio defaultMuted Property
  27. Audio currentTime Property
  28. Audio currentSrc Property
  29. Audio controls Property - Find out if the audio controls are displayed:
  30. Audio controls Property
  31. Audio controller Property
  32. Audio buffered Property
  33. Audio autoplay Property - create a <audio> element and setting the autoplay property:
  34. Audio autoplay Property - Enable autoplay, and reload the video:
  35. Audio autoplay Property
  36. Audio audioTracks Property
  37. Audio play() Method
  38. Audio pause() Method
  39. Audio canPlayType() Method
  40. Audio addTextTrack() Method
  41. Create Audio and set HTML5 Audio Looping
  42. Play audio and restart it onclick
  43. change to the next song after ended using <audio>