Javascript DOM HTML Element Form

Javascript examples for DOM HTML Element:Form


Click the following links for the tutorial for DOM HTML Element and Form.

  1. Create a Form Element
  2. Get Form Element
  3. Form target Property - Return the value of the target attribute in a form:
  4. Form target Property
  5. Form noValidate Property - Set the noValidate property:
  6. Form noValidate Property
  7. Form name Property - Change the name of a form:
  8. Form name Property

  9. Form method Property - Return the method for sending form data:
  10. Form method Property
  11. Form length Property - Return the value of each element in a form:
  12. Form length Property
  13. Form enctype Property - Change the enctype value for how form-data should be encoded before sending it to the server:
  14. Form enctype Property
  15. Form autocomplete Property - Return the state of autocompletion:
  16. Form autocomplete Property

  17. Form action Property - Return the URL for where to send the form data when a form is submitted:
  18. Form action Property
  19. Form acceptCharset Property - Change the value of the accept-charset attribute in a form to UTF-8:
  20. Form acceptCharset Property
  21. Form elements Collection - Loop through all elements in a form and output the value of each element:
  22. Form elements Collection namedItem(id) - Get the value of the element with name="fname" in a form:
  23. Form elements Collection item(index) - Get the value of the first element (index 0) in a form:
  24. Form elements Collection [index] - Get the value of the first element (index 0) in a form:
  25. Form elements Collection
  26. Form submit() Method
  27. Form reset() Method
  28. Use JavaScript to fill a form on another page and pass value via URL
  29. Submit a form with submit() function
  30. Use function to control <form> via onsubmit event handler