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The disabled property sets or gets whether a local datetime field is disabled.

This property reflects the HTML disabled attribute.

Set the disabled property with the following Values

Value Description
true|false Sets whether a local datetime field should be disabled
  • true - The local datetime field is disabled
  • false - Default. The local datetime field is not disabled

Return Value

A Boolean, returns true if the local datetime field is disabled, otherwise it returns false

The following code shows how to disable a local datetime field:

Demo Code

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<!DOCTYPE html>

<input type="datetime-local" id="myLocalDate"><br><br>

<button onclick="disableBtn()">Disable Local Datetime Field</button>
<button onclick="enableBtn()">Enable Local Datetime Field</button>

function disableBtn() {/* w ww  .j av a2s  .co  m*/
    document.getElementById("myLocalDate").disabled = true;

function enableBtn() {
    document.getElementById("myLocalDate").disabled = false;


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