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Javascript examples for DOM HTML Element:Input Text


Click the following links for the tutorial for DOM HTML Element and Input Text.

  1. Create an Input Text Element
  2. Get Input Text Field
  3. Input Text value Property - shows the difference between the defaultValue and value property:
  4. Input Text value Property - work together with dropdown list
  5. Input Text value Property - Dropdown list in a form:
  6. Input Text value Property - Form validation:
  7. Input Text value Property - Get the value of a text field:
  8. Input Text value Property

  9. Input Text type Property
  10. Input Text size Property - Get the width of a text field:
  11. Input Text size Property
  12. Input Text required Property - Set a text field to be a required part of form submission:
  13. Input Text required Property
  14. Input Text readOnly Property - Find out if a text field is read-only or not:
  15. Input Text readOnly Property
  16. Input Text placeholder Property - Get the placeholder text of a text field:

  17. Input Text placeholder Property
  18. Input Text pattern Property - Set the pattern of a text field to only contain numbers from 1 to 3:
  19. Input Text pattern Property
  20. Input Text name Property - Change the name of a text field:
  21. Input Text name Property
  22. Input Text maxLength Property - Jump to the next text field when a field's maxlength has been reached:
  23. Input Text maxLength Property - Set the maximum number of characters allowed in a text field:
  24. Input Text maxLength Property
  25. Input Text form Property
  26. Input Text disabled Property - Disable and enable a text field:
  27. Input Text disabled Property - Find out if a text field is disabled or not:
  28. Input Text disabled Property
  29. Input Text defaultValue Property - shows the difference between the defaultValue and value property:
  30. Input Text defaultValue Property - Get the default value of a text field:
  31. Input Text defaultValue Property
  32. Input Text autofocus Property
  33. Input Text autocomplete Property - Return the state of autocompletion:
  34. Input Text autocomplete Property