Javascript DOM HTML Element Input Time

Javascript examples for DOM HTML Element:Input Time


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  1. Create an Input Time Element
  2. Get Input Time Field
  3. Input Time value Property - shows the difference between the defaultValue and value property:
  4. Input Time value Property - Get the time of a time field:
  5. Input Time value Property
  6. Input Time type Property
  7. Input Time step Property - Get the legal number intervals for seconds in a time field:
  8. Input Time step Property - Change the legal number intervals for milliseconds in a time field:

  9. Input Time step Property
  10. Input Time required Property - Set a time field to be a required part of form submission:
  11. Input Time required Property
  12. Input Time readOnly Property - Find out if a time field is read-only
  13. Input Time readOnly Property
  14. Input Time name Property - Change the name of a time field:
  15. Input Time name Property
  16. Input Time min Property - Change the minimum value:

  17. Input Time min Property
  18. Input Time max Property - Change the maximum time allowed:
  19. Input Time max Property
  20. Input Time form Property
  21. Input Time disabled Property - Disable and enable a time field:
  22. Input Time disabled Property - Find out if a time field is disabled:
  23. Input Time disabled Property
  24. Input Time defaultValue Property - difference between the defaultValue and value property:
  25. Input Time defaultValue Property - Get the default value of a time field:
  26. Input Time defaultValue Property
  27. Input Time autofocus Property
  28. Input Time stepUp() Method - Increment the minutes by 1 (default):
  29. Input Time stepUp() Method
  30. Input Time stepDown() Method - Decrement the minutes by 10
  31. Input Time stepDown() Method