Javascript DOM HTML Element Video

Javascript examples for DOM HTML Element:Video


Click the following links for the tutorial for DOM HTML Element and Video.

  1. Create a Video Element
  2. Get Video Element
  3. Video width Property - Get the width of a video:
  4. Video width Property
  5. Video volume Property
  6. Video videoTracks Property
  7. Video textTracks Property
  8. Video startDate Property

  9. Video src Property - Get the URL of a video:
  10. Video src Property
  11. Video seeking Property
  12. Video seekable Property
  13. Video readyState Property
  14. Video preload Property - how to set different property values:
  15. Video preload Property
  16. Video poster Property - Get the URL of the poster image:

  17. Video poster Property
  18. Video played Property
  19. Video playbackRate Property - Set a video to play fast:
  20. Video playbackRate Property
  21. Video paused Property
  22. Video networkState Property
  23. Video muted Property - Find out if the sound is turned off:
  24. Video muted Property
  25. Video mediaGroup Property
  26. Video loop Property - Find out if the video should start playing over again every time it is finished, or not:
  27. Video loop Property
  28. Video height Property - Get the height of the video:
  29. Video height Property
  30. Video error Property
  31. Video ended Property
  32. Video duration Property
  33. Video defaultPlaybackRate Property - Set the video to play faster by default:
  34. Video defaultPlaybackRate Property
  35. Video defaultMuted Property
  36. Video currentTime Property
  37. Video currentSrc Property
  38. Video controls Property - Enable, disable and check controls status:
  39. Video controls Property - Find out if the video controls are displayed:
  40. Video controls Property
  41. Video controller Property
  42. Video buffered Property
  43. Video autoplay Property - how to create a <video> element and setting the autoplay property:
  44. Video autoplay Property - Enable autoplay, and reload the video:
  45. Video autoplay Property
  46. Video audioTracks Property
  47. Video play() Method
  48. Video pause() Method
  49. Video load() Method
  50. Video canPlayType() Method
  51. Video addTextTrack() Method