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  1. add header scripts in a php web page?
  2. insert an unicode in jQuery?
  3. make a programming code box
  4. create multiple elements in one line
  5. get value of integer element in JQuery
  6. Check if an element is visible
  7. Adding quotes in javascript
  8. Checking if there is at least one single White space

  9. Detect when user navigates away from page
  10. Get meta tag content in jQuery
  11. Get the month out of a MySQL timestamp using JS
  12. Round to two decimal places
  13. Clone element and add back
  14. Location.country_code from
  15. Make a bar being full every 15 seconds
  16. Placement of absolutely positioned elements incorrect when printing

  17. Do split() in javascript and ignore blank entries
  18. Adding multiple users field jQuery
  19. Changing content of last li element
  20. Editing two fields at the same time
  21. Highlight a sentence that is spread over more than one tag
  22. Parse an element's contents
  23. Get element type by name
  24. Javascript/Jquery sequence of while loop
  25. Check if element exists using empty element
  26. Create a new element and add it to a collection
  27. Stopping Calling handlers two times
  28. Jquery math addition
  29. Return integer for p element
  30. Prepopulating an email message using javascript
  31. delete itself after execution
  32. get the twitter status updates from jQuery
  33. get the script source code from jQuery
  34. use Javascript to get the value of an element
  35. make an element collapse horizontally and then disappear
  36. Make rgba feature work during box-shadow editing with jquery
  37. Read method name from soap using javascript
  38. put the next word onto a new line If a word as a space
  39. Reading Meta Tags with jQuery
  40. jQuery hasDescendant vs hasAncestor
  41. Show a message for window onChange
  42. Add elements to the set of matched element
  43. Jquery check if this is equal to 0,1 or 2
  44. Page redirect using meta http-equiv
  45. Show confirm dialog to leave page
  46. Open a pop-up window
  47. Eval or parse jquery code that's pulled in as a .val() value
  48. Regular expression pattern: from 0 to 120 with interval of 5 and white space allowed
  49. pass parameters in JQuery popup box
  50. Javascript clock with server time PHP
  51. JQuery: add line break at cursor position when hitting Enter
  52. disable radio if not checked by default
  53. Jquery SPLIT field names
  54. Loop in Jquery by using eq
  55. Making requests to the server with jQuery