Javascript String Operation String Replace

Javascript examples for String Operation:String Replace


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  1. Find and replace value in a string via regex
  2. Get Selected str.replace Value From Regex
  3. Replace dash char using regex and string replace() function
  4. Use Regex to Replace substring
  5. Use Regex to replace a string with substring variable
  6. Use Regular expression to replace middle of multiline string
  7. Use regex to Replace word on the regex search result
  8. Trim a specific character off the start & end of a string using regex

  9. Use Regex to Remove Specific Consecutive Duplicate Characters
  10. Use regex to filter text
  11. Use regex to find and concatenating the particular strings
  12. Use regex to remove special characters but also keep greek characters
  13. Use regular expressions and its ascii color escapes
  14. Set value of content to content.replace
  15. Allow only letters and spaces with string replace and regex
  16. Use replace and regex to keep only substring from an input

  17. use regex to Find and replace instances of @foo, but not @@foo
  18. regex replace paragraphs which only has less than 3 characters
  19. Replace double period to single and if 4 or more replace to three with String replace and regex
  20. RegEx Replacement in JavaScript
  21. Create string template with String regex
  22. match and replace a string
  23. replace backslashes in string through JavaScript, / to \
  24. Replace random chars in a string in javascript
  25. Use eval to do dynamic string replace
  26. Replace multiple strings with multiple other strings
  27. Use Regular expression to replace quotation mark
  28. Replace last index of , with and in jQuery /JavaScript
  29. Replace space character with slash surrounded by spaces " / "
  30. Replacing Numerical Months into Words in JavaScript