Oracle SQL - SQL Plus Alter Session


Using ALTER SESSION command, you can set several NLS (National Language Support) session parameters.

Examples of NLS Session Parameters

Parameter Description
NLS_DATE_FORMAT Default format to display dates
NLS_TIME_FORMAT Default format to display timestamps
NLS_LANGUAGEThe language for SQL*Plus feedback and messages
NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS The decimal point and group separator characters
NLS_CURRENCYThe currency symbol

NLS_DATE_FORMAT parameter influences the way date values are interpreted and displayed by your session.

The following code demonstrates an example of using the ALTER SESSION command to set some NLS session parameters.

SQL> alter session
  2  set   nls_date_format='dd-mm-yyyy'
  3        nls_language=Dutch
  4        nls_currency='Eur';


ALTER SESSION command demonstrated above requires your global database characterset settings for the dutch language.

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