Oracle PL/SQL - PL SQL Statement Exception Types


Exceptions are identified by type, code, name, and error message.

Exception types can be identified by the error code prefixes as outlined in the following table.

Error Code PrefixIndicates This Exception Type of Error
ORA Core RDBMS errors
PLS PL/SQL errors
FRM Oracle Forms errors
REP Oracle Reports errors

Exception codes are negative and are always displayed with five digits.

The code, along with the exception type, uniquely defines the exception.

The Oracle function SQLCODE returns the type and code of the most recently raised exception.

Exception names are associated with exceptions that you create yourself.

If the exception is named, you can use its name in the exception handler.

The exception message is a text string that describes the exception.

The function SQLERRM returns the text of the error message for the most recently raised exception.

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