Oracle SQL - SQL Plus More script


A script would contain some SET commands to control feature values. Such a script could look like this:


SET echo off 
COLUMN orig_salary FORMAT $990.99 --  w  w w  . j a v  a  2  s .c  o  m
SET verify off 

SELECT empno, ename, 
FROM employee; 

SET verify on 
SET echo on

The "echo" feature displays the command on the screen when executed.

To make the script run cleanly, you should turn echo and verify off at the beginning of the script and turn them back on at the end of the script.

"pagesize" defaults to 24 and may be insufficient for a particular query.

"feedback" shows how many records were selected if it exceeds a certain amount.

All of the feature values may be seen using the SHOW ALL command from the command line.

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