Oracle PL/SQL - PL SQL Operator Operators


The following table lists the operator from PL/SQL.

+Addition operator
:= Assignment operator
=> Association operator
%Attribute indicator
'Character string delimiter
.Component indicator
|| Concatenation operator
/Division operator
**Exponentiation operator
( Expression or list delimiter (begin)
) Expression or list delimiter (end)
: Host variable indicator
, Item separator
<<Label delimiter (begin)
>>Label delimiter (end)
/*Multiline comment delimiter (begin)
*/Multiline comment delimiter (end)
* Multiplication operator
" Quoted identifier delimiter
..Range operator
= Relational operator (equal)
<>Relational operator (not equal)
!=Relational operator (not equal)
~=Relational operator (not equal)
^=Relational operator (not equal)
< Relational operator (less than)
> Relational operator (greater than)
<=Relational operator (less than or equal)
>=Relational operator (greater than or equal)
@ Remote access indicator
--Single-line comment indicator
; Statement terminator
- Subtraction or negation operator