Oracle PL/SQL - PL SQL Function Procedure Package Parameter


The procedure declaration starts with the keyword IS and is preceded by a specification.

The specification consists of two parts:

  • Header: You need to name a procedure according to the standard rules for PL/SQL identifiers.
  • Optional Parameter List: The list is enclosed in parentheses. Parameters are separated by commas and each has the form:
variable1 [type] datatype [DEFAULT value]  

Parameter names will be used inside the procedure. For example, you can prefix them.

Procedures may have three types of parameters:

  • IN the default type; an input value will be passed by the calling routine,
  • OUT,
  • IN OUT.

Procedures may have up to 256 parameters.

The datatypes of these parameters are more generic than the datatypes of regular variables.

Parameters can have default values.

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