PHP - Conventions for classes


Each class should be in a file named the same as the class along with the .php extension

Class names should be in CamelCase, that is, each word should start with an uppercase letter, followed by the rest of the word in lowercase

A file should contain only the code of one class

Inside a class, you should first place the properties, then the constructor, and finally, the rest of the methods

class MyCustomer { 
   private $id; 
   private $firstname; 
   private $surname; 
   private $email; 

   public function __construct( 
       int $id, 
       string $firstname, 
       string $surname, 
       string $email 
   ) { 
       $this->id = $id; 
       $this->firstname = $firstname; 
       $this->surname = $surname; 
       $this->email = $email; 

We save it to current folder with file name MyCustomer.php.

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