PHP - Declaring Class Properties


Each property of a class in PHP can have one of three visibility levels, known as public, private, and protected:

Level Meaning
Public properties can be accessed by any code, whether that code is inside or outside the class.
Private properties can be accessed only by code inside the class.
Protected propertieslike private properties in that they can't be accessed by code outside the class, any class that inherits from the class can also access the properties.

To add a property to a class, first write the keyword public, private, or protected - followed by the property's name preceded by a $ symbol:

class MyClass { 
   public $property1;     // This is a public property 
   private $property2;    // This is a private property 
   protected $property3;  // This is a protected property 

You can initialize properties at the time that you declare them, much like you can with variables:

class MyClass { 
   public $myValue = 123; 

In this case, whenever a new object is created from MyClass, the object's $myValue property defaults to the value 123.

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