PHP - Function Function declaration


A function has a name, arguments, and a block of code.

Optionally, it can return some value.

The name of the function has to follow the same rules as variable names.

It has to start with a letter or an underscore, and can contain any letters, numbers, or underscore.

The function's name cannot be a reserved word.


     function addNumbers($a, $b) { 
        $sum = $a + $b; /*from www  . j a  v a  2 s .co m*/
        return $sum; 
     $result = addNumbers(2, 3); 

Here, the function addNumbers takes two arguments: $a and $b.

The block of code defines a new variable $sum, which is the sum of both arguments, and then returns its content.

To use this function, call it by its name while sending all the required arguments.

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