PHP can create static methods in much the same way as static properties.

To make a method static, add the static keyword before the function keyword in the method definition:

class MyClass {
  public static function staticMethod() {
    // (do stuff here)

To call a static method, use the following format:


static methods are useful to add some functionality that's related to a class, but that doesn't need to work with an actual object created from the class.

Here's a simple example:


class Truck {//from   w  ww .j  av  a  2 s . c om

    public static function calcMpg($miles, $gallons) {
              return ($miles / $gallons);

echo Truck::calcMpg(168, 6); // Displays"28"


The calcMpg() method take two arguments - miles traveled and gallons of fuel used - and returns the calculated miles per gallon.

Notice that the calling code doesn't need to create a Truck object to use calcMpg().

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