Python - Passing argument by argument name


In Python you can pass argument by name, instead of by position.


def f(a, b, c): print(a, b, c) 
print( f(c=3, b=2, a=1) )


The c=3 in this call, means send 3 to the argument named c.

Python matches the name c in the call to the argument named c in the function definition's header.

It's possible to combine positional and keyword arguments in a single call.

In this case, all positionals are matched first from left to right in the header, before keywords are matched by name:


def f(a, b, c): print(a, b, c) 

f(1, c=3, b=2)            # a gets 1 by position, b and c passed by name
#  w  w  w.j  a  v  a 2 s  . c o  m


Keywords make your calls a bit more self-documenting.

For example, a call of this form:

func(name='Bob', age=40, job='dev') 

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