Ruby - Blocks and Block Parameters


Ruby body of an iterator is called a block.

Any variables declared between upright bars at the top of a block are called block parameters.

A block works like a function, and the block parameters work like a function's argument list.

The each method runs the code inside the block and passes to it the arguments supplied by a collection.

Ruby has an alternative syntax for delimiting blocks. Instead of using do..end, you can use curly brackets {..} like this:


# do..end 
[[1,2,3],[3,4,5],[6,7,8]].each do  
   |a,b,c|  #  w ww. j  av  a2  s  .c o m
        puts( "#{a}, #{b}, #{c}" )  

# curly brackets {..} 
        puts( "#{a}, #{b}, #{c}" )  


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