Ruby - Class Class Variables


Consider the following code:

@@num_things = 0 

The two @ characters define num_things to be a class variable.

The instance variables are preceded by a single @, like @name.

Whereas each new object or instance of a class assigns its own values to its own instance variables.

All objects derived from a specific class share the same class variables.

You can use the @@num_things class variable to keep a running total of the number of Thing objects.

The scope of a class variable is within the current class, as opposed to within specific objects of that class.

Class variables start with two @ symbols (@@) as opposed to the single @ symbol of object variables.

Class variables are useful for storing information relevant to all objects of a certain class.

For example, you could store the number of objects created so far in a certain class using a class variable like so:


class Square 
  def initialize 
    if defined?(@@number_of_squares) 
      @@number_of_squares += 1 # from  w w  w.  ja v a 2
      @@number_of_squares = 1 

  def self.count 

a = 
b = 
puts Square.count


Because @@number_of_squares is a class variable, it's already defined each time you create a new object.

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