Ruby - Handling multiple exception types


You can take different actions for different exceptions.

You can do that by adding multiple rescue clauses.

Each rescue clause can handle multiple exception types, with the exception class names separated by commas.


def calc( val1, val2 )
    begin# w ww.j a v  a2  s  .c  o  m
        result = val1 / val2
    rescue TypeError, NoMethodError => e
        puts( e.class )
        puts( e )
        puts( "One of the values is not a number!" )
        result = nil
    rescue Exception => e
        puts( e.class )
        puts( e )
        result = nil
    return result

calc( 20, 0 )
calc( 20, "100" )
calc( "100", 100 )


When handling multiple exception types, you should always put the rescue clauses dealing with specific exceptions first and then follow these with rescue clauses dealing with more generalized exceptions.

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