Ruby - RDoc Command-Line Options


RDoc can have the following options:

Option Description
--all --all forces RDoc to document all methods within the source files.
--fmt <format name> Produce documentation in a certain format (default is html, but xml, yaml, chm, and pdf are available under some configurations).
--help Get help with using RDoc's command-line options and find out which output formatters are available.
--inline-source Usually source code is shown using popups, but this option forces code to be shown inline with the documentation.
--main <name>Set the class, module, or file that appears as the main index page for the documentation to <name> (for example, rdoc --main MyClass).
--one-file Make RDoc place all the documentation into a single file.
--op <directory name> Set the output directory to <directory name> (default is doc).

After any command-line options, rdoc is suffixed with the filename(s) of the files you want to have RDoc document.

If you specify nothing, RDoc will traverse the current directory and all subdirectories and generate documentation for your entire project.

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