Ruby - Test::Unit Assertions


There are other types of assertions in Test::Unit:

assert(<boolean expression>)

Passes only if the Boolean expression isn't false or nil
for example, assert 2 == 1 will always fail).
assert_equal(expected, actual)

Passes only if the expected and actual values are equal as compared with the == operator.
assert_equal('A', 'a'.upcase) will pass.
assert_not_equal(expected, actual)

The opposite of assert_equal.
This test will fail if the expected and actual values are equal.
assert_raise(exception_type, ..)
{ <code block> }
Passes only if the code block following the assertion raises an exception of the type(s) passed as arguments.
assert_raise (ZeroDivisionError) { 2 / 0 } will pass.
assert_nothing_raised(exception_type, ..) { }

The opposite of assert_raise.
Passes only if none of the exceptions listed are raised.
assert_instance_of(class_expected, object)
Passes only if object is of class class_expected.

flunk is a special type of assertion and it will always fail.
It's useful if you haven't quite finished writing your tests.

All the preceding assertions, including flunk, can take an optional message argument as the last argument, as with assert_equal.

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